Introspective Rainy Day

Its the last day of March and its raining and drizzly and grey outside.  I am hoping that April will be sooo much sunnier and happier for me.  Sorry, I have not been on this blog in a while, just laying low this past Winter.   Looking forward to French Broad River Festival this year, biking, gardening and loving life.

Lots of love to you everyone.



Noli Kisses


3 thoughts on “Introspective Rainy Day

  1. It will be sunny in the 60s on Sunday in Aville. Go spread a blanket in the grass somewhere, maybe near a lake, or up on the mountaintop. Get some wine and some good crusty bread and some tasty ‘Ilove oil’ for dipping. Bring a pad to write some poetry. Enjoy the beautiful day so that the rest of the woeful world will know that it is still possible.

  2. It’s drizzly & gloomy out here in Idaho, but I hear it’s going to be a gorgeous day tomorrow! Hoping same for you–Brian’s suggestion sounds good. & play some of your beautiful music!

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