Key West

I have been enjoying my Florida travels.  We were in South Beach Miami for about 5 days and worked the Miami Boat Show selling Watershed bags for 12 hours a day.  We kicked butt.  We rode bikes everywhere and ate yummy foods.  My fave restaurant that we found was a Viatnamese Restaurant.  Our hotel was called The Mercury on 100 and Collins Avenue, sooo cool.

We left Miami this morning and drove the beautiful drive US Hwy 1 to Key West.  What an amazing drive. Electric orange and pink azaleas with turquoise seas.  We got to our hotel and rode probably 10 miles and saw a beautiful sunset.   Florida is treating me right.  I am having a lovely time.  COuld easily live here.

photo taken by Justyn where we ate breakfast at The Big Pink in Miami.


3 thoughts on “Key West

  1. Living here is lovely! There’s nothing wrong with tank tops and flip flops in February, that’s for sure! Glad you’re having fun. xo

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