I Heart Jed

My sweet brother Jed, its been 6 years since you have been gone and I still miss you soooo much.  You were such a golden sweet amazing brother and I feel so blessed that I knew you for 28 awesome years.  I love you forever and ever.  


6 thoughts on “I Heart Jed

  1. Hey I was looking through some old pictures and came across some my mom had classified as “Friends” and found a couple of me and Jed from the old neighborhood. I hadn’t seen him in years but when I found out he passed it hit me hard. He was a great guy and a great friend the world is worse without him in it. I know you all miss him so much. Tell your mom and dad I said hello.

    • John, he is definately sorely missed. I will tell my mom and dad you said hey. I hope your life is rockin and you are having fun out there. Thanks for writing.

  2. Hello my name is Jim Eaton, I worked with Jed in Colorado. I was wondering about him the other day while driving my band back from a gig in the Ozark mountains, I googled him and found your blog. I am shocked and sorrowed! You do not know me so I am sorry to catch you off guard, but I had to write something. We were the two outcast hill billies against the odds! I had so much fun with Jed! He would call me in my ski lift shack and talk all day…and they were for emergency use only! He was very dry, but very funny. He lived in the room above me and we would climb the balconies back and fourth between the apartments. His blazer was too nice so we off roaded my 86 bronco and I even spent the night in the Eagle county Co. jail over that once! Sorry, just reminiscing. I remember his brother Augie? and maybe another sister? After the mountains I moved to New Orleans and always tried to make plans with Jed to come and hang in Nola…after that we lost touch, but I tried to contact what info I had for him when I lived in Nashville. That would have been around 2005 and the rest explains itself. The thought of him makes me smile and I have talked of him a lot through the years! I am very sorry for your loss. If your band ever comes through Kansas City Missouri please look us up!

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