On to a New Decade

As the year closes I just reflect on what I did this past year and wonder is all that I wanted?  Is it all that I hoped for?  Did I do what I intended to do?  Yes, Yes and Yes.  I say yes to all that.  I am living life to the fullest and try to have the best day ever.  I had a great 2010.  I had my first garden and went on my first solo tour across the country.  What a year.  What a decade.  Now its on to a new decade.

Next years intentions for 2011

1.  Set out to have the best year ever

2.  Take every day and dictate what you want to do to have the best day ever

3.  Strive to make more raw food recipes and seek out fun ways to enhance nutrition

4.  Learn more songs

5.  Travel travel and more travel

6.  Gigs galore.

7.  See family and friends as much as I can.

8.   Exercise More

9.  Floss

10.  cuss less (ha ha)

11.  be a beacon of love for all people


4 thoughts on “On to a New Decade

  1. Somehow I drifted into Caroline land after drifting out of Cheney land….that was a fun Sunday morning 🙂 As for 2011…I want to grow more food, eat more of it (raw), and get more exercise too. I can’t WAIT to start diggin in my garden!!! If you ever wanna talk seeds, starts, irrigation, heirlooms…holla! As for the cussin’…it’s one of my favorite things to do sooooo….fuck it!
    I’m glad your honey pie is back from the big ditch….now mine is in Mexico….we gotta catch up…it has been too long! You should hear my little girl making up songs on her ukulele! I think she really has a gift!
    Hope you are having fun on this beautiful day!

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