Its a Boy

Georgie and Mel Mac had a baby boy on Boxing Day, right after Christmas.  A sweet little guy named John Joseph Pond, that they are nicknaming Jo Jo.

What a cutie, I cannot wait to meet him.

Baby Jo Jo

Joseph is a family name.  My brother Jed’s middle name was Joseph, my niece Josie is a derivative of Joseph, named after Jed, and my Uncle Tony’s middle name is Joseph.  Pretty cool.

Not much going on in my life right now.  Just busy working.  Trying to stay warm.   Thats it for now.


2 thoughts on “Its a Boy

  1. Congrats to all!! They named him Jojo so he can play Banjo in the band? Read my recent FB post about the music fam from my childhood — he would fit right in! I would have gone with JJ but, since he was born the day after xmas, I guess “Jojo” is a better name than “Box boy”.

  2. what about Joseph Cash? Grandfather Joseph Alexander? Cousin Joseph Lanier? Tony’s middle name is Anthony, his first name is, you guessed it, Joseph.

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