Sleepless in Asheville

I cannot sleep.  Its one more week til Christmas and I am just not organized for the holidays at all.  I am just floating and not feeling grounded at all.  Captain Adventure did get us a beautiful live Christmas Tree.  Its so pretty.  I love all the lights.  We are going to plant it in our yard after Christmas.

Random shot on a random night

I have had a staycation in my own hometown for the past few days.  No work, just chillin at my house.  We went to a Blessingway for Melanie and George Pond.  They are going to have there baby within 2 weeks.  I cannot wait to meet that sweet thang.   Also, this weekend we went to a fun holiday dance party at our friend’s house in Montford.  Tonite, my friend Taji came over and taught me how to make an Indian meal.  So delicious.  Sag paneer.  Homeade cheese, using a whole gallon of milk and a bit of white vinegar.

Thats all for now folks.  I hope that you have a lovely holiday, Happy Kwanzaa and Merry Christmas.  I will write more when I have more to write about.




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