I Love Love

Today is Friday and what a brand new, spanking, gorgeous, awesome day it is.  Everyday we can start anew.  A new slate.  I choose love.  I choose to love my life through all its ups and downs.

My new shirt that I got in the mail

Yesterday was kind of a blah day where I did not get jack shit done.  I was depressed over nothing.  But I choose to be okay with that, because today I get to have a new chalkboard and I get to choose what color chalk I use on the board to express myself.   All of my sadness and happiness really stems from just being and loving.  I feel like sometimes my heart is too Big and it curses me sometimes, but that is just who I am.

I woke up this morning and had coffee talk with JT, then did some power yoga, let the dogs out, made apple, ginger carrot juice and now I am writing this blog to you.   Though all my ups and downs is what makes me me.  

Tonite, I get to play with Snake Oil in Asheville at the Emerald Lounge.  Blessed Be.  I hope you lovely folks out there have a fabulous weekend.



4 thoughts on “I Love Love

  1. i love LOVE, too!

    ….and I LOVE YOU, Caroline Alton Bazemore Pond.
    You are a brilliant hero, to me.

    I am so honored and feel so blessed to be in our family together.
    You ROCK.

    ….im looking fwd to tonight’s show~

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