The Hop Icecream Show

I had fun playing a kids show at The Hop Icecream Shop last night.  Owners Greg and Ashley are such sweeties.   Locally owned lusciousness.  The kids asked amazing questions.  One of my fave things that a kid said when I was rosining up my bow was this, “I know what you are putting on your bow.”  And I replied, “oh yeh, what is it?”  and the kid replied, “Tree sap!!!!”………….Kids say the darndest, cutest things ever.

Here is a video that Greg took.


2 thoughts on “The Hop Icecream Show

  1. Nice job, Caroline! Kids can be a tough audience, but if you keep the songs short, and bouncy, they love it… and, you’re a pro! The young one that said tree sap, likely wasn’t far off, and I’m sure that back in the day tree sap worked just fine… LOL!
    It’s good to see you having fun, and sharing it! Cheers to you!

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