Winter Wonderland

Its Monday morning and I am conducting business in my cozy bed by answering phone calls, emails and catching up on this blog.  Sorry I have not been around in a while.  Just been busy being.

Its like a winter wonderland outside.  Its beginning to look alot like Christmas out there.


THE view out my window.... My winter gardens

My life has been hectic ever since I returned from my tour.  I have been babysitting 3 awesome kids this week, did a fun Snake Oil gig in Knoxville this weekend.  It was there that I got to autograph a fan’s chest.  It was my first time ever and that was sooo fun.

I hope everyone is doing well out there.  I am still Caroline floating in space.  Gravity is keeping me up, music keeps me present, love keeps my fears away and my dreams are wild as ever.  In other news, I want to get a heart tattoo one day, but who knows.   

Much Love,



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