Eastward Bound and in Texas

Well we are in Texas in a hotel off of Highway 10.  We drove many many miles today from my sister’s house in California.  I already miss her sooo bad and baby Josie and Tom.

We pulled over to a hotel in the middle of nowhere Texas.  I have no idea what part of Texas I am in.  All I know is that we have about 500 miles to go tomorrow.  There is a Mexican family below our room that is cooking out huge steaks on a grill and they are talking real loud.  Also trains are going through and it shakes the whole hotel room.  So, this is very very interesting.  Ha ha.

Tomorrow is my last gig of this solo tour and I will be playing at D’Vine Wine in Grapevine, Texas.  Then we drive Eastwards on Wednesday to make it to Atlanta for family Thanksgiving.  

I have had a blast but am sooooo ready to get home to my routine, healthy food and exercise.  However, I would not trade this experience for the world.


One thought on “Eastward Bound and in Texas

  1. What an amazing experience to go on a cross-country music tour with your mom. Good for you! & good that you chronicled it on this blog. Hope the last gig went well, & safe travels home. Will contact you about Homegrown Radio after the holiday!

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