Palm Springs Paradise

Well after miles and miles of gigs, states, driving I am finally all the way across the country.  I am in Palm Springs, California hangin with my sister Jane, Tom her hubbie and their baby Josie.   Mom and I had such a soft landing here.    Its like Summer time here.  Pools, 80 degree weather, Palm Trees and Paradise.   Jane made us a homecooked meal.  Veggie enchiladas, awesome salad and wine.

I get to hang with Josie all week, photo by Jane DeRossett

My little Josie girl niecey pie fell asleep in my arms tonite while the family was watching “Meet the Fockers” on TV.  Can it get any better.  Doubt it.

Mom and I were in Las Vegas last night and we got to see an amazing play that my friend Laura Lee is in.  Menopause was the play.  She was delicious in it.

Well I am off to bed.  More later.


2 thoughts on “Palm Springs Paradise

  1. So happy you are having such a great adventure! Enjoy Palm Springs with your family – sounds like heaven! 🙂 Good luck for your travels back east.

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