Warm Fuzzy Fall

Good morning my beautiful friends.  Its Tuesday morning and I just went outside and its warm and windy and so many of the yellow and orange leaves are on the ground.  I could barely see my yellow dog running around on the grass, he was camoflauged with the yellow leaves.   Too silly.  I hope that your Fall is just beautiful.  It warms my heart.

Fall photo of Caroline 2009 on Plantation in South Carolina

My CD, Follow Your Heart is in production as we speak.   I am getting ready to go on my BIG tour.  I leave in exactly one week.   Also, I have got some gigs coming up right around the corner.   Busy and productive girl here.

Wednesday October 27th: I am in the studio all day with the Snake Oil album recording project in Weaverville, NC

Thursday October 28th Boone, NC   I open up for the Sol Driven Train at the Boone Saloon.

Friday October 29th Asheville, NC  Snake Oil Medicine Show with Sol Driven Train at The Grey Eagle, showtime 9pm.  Dress up party

Saturday October 30th: Private Wedding Party


2 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzy Fall

  1. thats too funny, you are using my computer to make that comment Justyn Thompson, Captain Adventure. Thanks soooooo much sweetie.

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