Tour Sponsorships

Hey folks I am kind of doing my own grassroots kickstart for my tour.  If you would like to be a proud sponsor of the arts and a fiddle girl doing a cross country tour to spread good positive vibes and music then this may be your day.

I leave in one month and my mom is going with me and we are just going to have a wonderful time.  I drive across the country going through Atlanta, Knoxville, Colorado, Las Vegas, California and back through Texas and return to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with family.   This will be an epic adventure.

I have different sponsorship packages.  You can go to my sponsor page and hit the sponsor button to donate.

For $15  I will mail you 3 postcards from my tour in November

For $20 I will send you my brand new cd out by November.

For $25  I will send you a cd and a postcard from my tour

For $50  I will send you 2 cds and a care package from the road and sponsorship on my blog/website

For $100- I will send you cd, 5 postcards, tee shirt/care package/sponsorship on my blog/website

For $250-  a house concert in North Carolina in the year 2011/sponsorship on my blog/website

For $300 and above house concerts and mad props/cds, etc.. printed sponsorship on tee shirts, announcements from stage

For $500 plus a house concert in the United States, will need to negotiate with how far from North Carolina.

If you do sponsor just email me at

and let me know your address and your sponsorship so I can send you appropriate stuff.

I am just putting it out there.  Feel free to pledge anything and I will give in return.

If you are a company and you want to advertise on my blog, feel free to get in touch.

I do accept paypal and checks in the mail.

Kind Regards and Love,



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