Monday Morning Pages

This has been the most amazing morning in a long long time.  I feel so blessed and happy.  Man pie and dogs let me sleep in.  Woke up at 9:45am and feel so rested.  Came out to the living room with 2 passed out dogs in front of a roaring fire, hot coffee already made, and a breakfast sandwich with a love note on it.  Wow, I feel blessed and loved.

Noli passed out

The days and nights are getting colder and for some reason when this happens, I notice that I slip into heavy hearts.  I prefer sunny days..  I guess that is why I do not live in Seattle.  But, its really just a state of mind.  Need to make myself comfortable and learn to love every situation I am in.  Emotions are lessons and when I feel sad, I just need to look at it and be open to it.  I know that I have been tired for days and all I needed was some good solid rest.  Working on my album, working a night job and planning my November trip with my mom has been go go go.  I love it and that is how my life is right now.

Well everyone have an amazing week.  Fall is beautiful.  You are too.  You are loved don’t forget that.




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