Surrender, Freedom and Inspiration

I picked three words this week out of my angel word pile and soul searched each word and applied it to what I am doing right now.

1. Surrender.  I surrender all negative thoughts and gossiping to the wind.  To the best of my ability.  I surrender what others think of me or tell me what is delicious.  I will dress the way I want to and make my own decisions.

2. Freedom:  I have the freedom to do things that make me happy and joyful.  I give you the freedom to do that as well.  I feel lucky and blessed to be living in a country that allows that freedom.  Freedom of Speech is an important one too.

3.  Inspiration:  Everyday i am inspired by the people that are in my community.  My friends, my family, my bandmates. Also, I am inspired by my pets.  I sat outside on my deck yesterday and I played a concert for my dogs and the circling vultures in the sky.  I felt so inspired by God’s creation.  Just sitting on my deck inspires me to write songs, which you will hear on my next album.  Yey.


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