Follow My Heart CD

Hey friends,

I am so excited, my tour is really coming along.  My goal was to have a solid 10 gigs across the country and I have 9 so far and a few more open spots.  I am thrilled.  My mom keeps wondering what I am going to name this tour.  I think I am going to call it Fall Oh My Heart Tour.

Of course that tour name may change but right now I feel like I am following my heart and just taking off and doing this in the Fall.  What a perfect season to travel.  I am so blessed my mom is going with me.

So, my plans now are to make a quick and amazing cd.  Currently I am lining up the studio and have about 10-12 songs slated to be on the album.   If anybody out there wants to pre-order a cd, please let me know.  I will have them ready for when I leave in November.   15 bucks includes the shipping.  This will help me out tremendously.   Also I will have tee shirts as well.

I cannot wait.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

“Take the seriousness out of the outcome. Take the negative stress out of the process and see life, projects, relationships and everything you do as a giant creative experiment.”- Daily Love Quote


2 thoughts on “Follow My Heart CD

  1. I would be interested in purchasing your new cd , Follow My Heart.
    Since I live in Canada, I hope that it doesn’t create a problem.
    I have been a big fan of Snake Oil Medicine Show for many years.
    Hope to get a positive response soon.


    • Ron
      I hope you get this reply back. That should not be a problem. I have a paypal account does that work for you???? Im not sure what shipping is, but we can work it out. Yey. You are my first customer. Thanks a ton and a half.
      I have Snake Oil Cds and I am going into recording this Saturday to do my solo thing. Thanks sooo much for being a fan of Snake Oil. Please send me your email to me so we can converse more.
      Kind Regards,

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