Home Sweet Home

boats at the Gauley Festival, photo by Rhonda Bell

We finally made it home from West Virginia.  The Gauley Fest was sooo crazy.  A few words to describe the event are fun, rowdy, cold, loud, lack of sleep,  interesting ……………….. (and the list could go on).

Snake Oil Medicine Show did a smash up job and made lots of new friends.  We did 3 encores and the crowd had a great time.  We love our fans.

Bubba loves road trips. On the Gauley Dam, photo by Rhonda Bell

I went down the Gauley River one time this weekend and managed to not flip or swim.  To be honest with you, its quite scary.  There are five class five rapids.  There is a risk to boating down this river, but it is so beautiful and thrilling. Captain Adventure and I had a fantastic time and I am so glad I went.

We were going to go down the river today, but decided that it was not a wise decision.  We were loaded up to go  down the Gauley and we found out at the put in, that someone died at one of the rapids at 9am.  They fell out of the boat and got caught underneath a rock.  This just broke my heart hearing this sad news and I know that these things happen, but we just felt like it was not the right time to go.   I instantly felt heavy hearted and prayed for her and her family and the guide.   We found out later that they had to stop the dam released water and turn the CFS level down.  They did not find her body til 4:20 today.   Soooo sad.

Today has been sort of depressing for me.  I have been homesick for family and for my surroundings.  We are now home and the dogs are sooo exhausted.  Justyn made us a nice curry dinner and we watched a funny movie to lighten the mood.  I am off to get some good rest tonite, I really do need it.  There is no place like home to find peace.  I pray for the family and friends of the female that died today at The Gauley River.

photo by Rhonda Bell.... Bubba and Noli