Staycations, Nail Polish Colors and Gauley River

I have been having some really amazing September days.  I have been on a StayCation in my own darn town.  My girlfriend Uma came to visit me from Jacksonville, Florida and we have been doing the Asheville thing.  We ate at Rosetta’s .  Peanut butter tofu, vegan mashed potatoes and kale.  Walked all over town and salivated over shoes at Tops Shoes downtown.  Saw George and Mel Mac at Asheville Hoops in Pritchard Park.   We hung out on my deck for hours drinking coffee, catching up, dreaming, sittin’ in the hot tub and hangin with dogs.

Rhonda "Uma" Sweet love girl yogini

Today, we got up in the morning and treated ourselves to pedicures.

tootsie after a fresh pedi

I feel like this is comparable to going to the foot doctor.  If you are on your feet all day and your feet feel tired, this is the cure to happy feet and toes.  They smooth the calluses away, cut your nails properly and buff your tootsies to smoothness.  For 25 bucks its cheaper than going to a podiatrist.  Also you get to sit in a massage chair.  Oooooh la la………….

awwwww love gettin my feet done

You can choose a nail polish color from their collection and they always have funny names like, Party in the Cabana, or Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ (which is my fave), Conga Line Coral, Sand in my Suit, Got the Blues for Red, Chick flick Cherry, Pink a doodle, Diva of Geneva, Barefoot in Barcelona, I’m not really a waitress, California Raspberry………………..okay you get the point.   For more OPI color names go here.

Rhonda and Cate

One of my favorite parts of the day was having a parking lot picnic.  We pulled over Uma’s van and made hummus, spinach, tofu salad and taboulleh sandwiches.

Miss Rhonda "Uma"

Tomorrow we are off to West Virginia.  Uma is heading with us.  I went last year and you can see that post here.   We will be at the Gauley Festival on Saturday.  Snake Oil Medicine Show is headlining the show.  I will be going down that beautiful river.  I cannot wait.

Caroline on the Avon Raft, gearin up and ready to go down a river

Have an amazing weekend.




2 thoughts on “Staycations, Nail Polish Colors and Gauley River

  1. pedicure, schmedicure. massage chair, garbazh chair. Foot’ntootsie massage is the only way to live. free for friends with flustered phalanges and firey fiddles.

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