My Dreams are Coming True

Things are looking good for my November solo tour.  I can’t get over how I dream something and I follow my intuition/my heart and things start to happen.  If you put your whole heart into something and you believe it, it will come to you in some way or another.  Put it out in the Universe Yall.  Follow your Bliss…….. Follow your heart whole heartedly.

Dreams happen..........Pic was taken on a Snake Oil tour through New Orleans, which was a dream come true.

I put up a new tour page on this blog so you can see what shows I will be doing.  There is a tab that you can click at anytime to see if I am in your area.

I am so excited about having my mom on this trip with me as well.  We are gonna have a blast.

my sweet mom hoopin

Not much news, except that I am working real hard on booking gigs.  I did plant spinach today, dehydrate peaches and paint my closet yellow.


4 thoughts on “My Dreams are Coming True

  1. Question (or suggestion): Does your sweet cool mom who’s hoopin’ have her own blog? If not, consider that a suggestion. Other sweet cool moms (ahem, like myself) would love to hear what she has to say. Topic of interest: How to raise a daughter whose sure to be at least AS cool or cooler than yourself. Just sayin’…

  2. Thats sooo cool. I will suggest that to her. Too funny. She did ask me if I was going to bring my computer while we were on the road so she could keep up with Facebook. Thats pretty darn cool.
    Pam thanks so much for reading. Take care and hope to see you soon.

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