Labor Day Recap

photo by Marie St. Hilliard

Labor Day was so amazing.  Just being with friends in Blue Ridge, Georgia, playing music, eating delicious food, wine drinking, fireworks show and catching up just warmed my heart.  It was the first time this season that I wore a fuzzy jacket, socks and snuggled by the fire.  The weather has definitely shifted to cooler days.

Not getting in a car for a couple of days was topnotch in my book.

Love my friends.  There must have been 17 dogs all around us and hanging on my friends farm house property.  We are home now and my dogs are so exhausted right now from playing with all those 17 dogs.

Goals for the week

  1. ride my bike in the morning
  2. book more gigs
  3. practice with my loop machine
  4. go to a couple of yoga classes
  5. juice like crazy
  6. fix my refridgerator
  7. put my fall garden in

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