Music on the Mountain Top

Photo taken by Jamie Goodman at MOTM August 28,2010

In 1994, Snake Oil Medicine Show began.  That was 16 years ago.   I cannot believe how long we have been together.  We have been through ups and down, highs and lows.  I have had the best experiences of my life with my Snake Oil Family.   We started out in Atlanta, but really got our jump start in Boone, North Carolina.  We have toured through the United States, Europe and Jamaica.  Met many many characters along the way.

Photo taken by Jamie Goodman off of FaceBook, Snake Oil at MOTM August 28.2010

Several months ago we were asked to play Music on the Mountain Top, by promoter Jimmy Hunt.  We are so glad we played in a city that we planted our roots in years ago.   We have had so many different members come and go, but the root of the band has always been George, Andy and I.  Also Billy Seawell and Phil Cheney have been long time members as well.  I am so grateful for all the folks that have supported us along the way and all our other band mates that have come and gone and started other amazing musical projects. Jason Krekel with Mad Tea Party, Jay Sanders with Acoustic Syndicate, etc.   I feel so lucky and so blessed being a part of The Snake Oil Medicine Show.


4 thoughts on “Music on the Mountain Top

  1. So great to see ya’ll again! It’s always such a pleasure! We all had a great time and cant wait for the nextun. 🙂

    PS Have fun @ the Gauley this weekend… Be safe!


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