Tour Planning

Hey Folks,

I am still working on my cross country tour plans.  If you have any ideas or thoughts, let me know.  These are the areas that I will be going through and I do have some confirmed dates.  Yey.  Just trucking along.  Hope you are well.

  • Wednesday November 3rd:  Atlanta
  • Thursday Nov 4th:  Barleys Tap Room in Knoxville, TN.  Confirmed
  • Friday Nov 5th:   House Party in Lexington, KY  Confirmed
  • Sat Nov 6th:  Louisville, KY ???
  • Sun Nov 7th”  Travel
  • Mon Nov 8th  Travel
  • Tues Nov 9th   Colorado
  • Wed Nov 10th Colorado
  • Thurs Nov 11th Colorado
  • Fri Nov 12th   Salt Lake City
  • Sat Nov 13th   Las Vegas
  • sun Nov 14th Travel
  • mon Nov 15th  Make our way to California
  • tues Nov 16th Palm Springs
  • wed Nov 17th Palm Springs
  • thurs Nov 18th  San Diego maybe
  • fri t Nov 19  Los Angeles maybe
  • Sat nov 20 Palm Springs
  • Sun Nov 21st head home and do gigs on way back
  • mon nov 22nd   Flagstaff, AZ
  • tues  nov 23rd  head home for Thanksgiving.

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