Late Summer News From a Fiddle Girl Star

This week has been quite interesting.  I have been practing a whole ton and reading Barbara Kingsolver’s new book La Lacuna.  What an awesome read.   Set in Mexico to Asheville, North Carolina around 1920-1948.   SOooo good.

dogs doing tug-o-war with my undergarments......great.....

I made peanut butter cookies for Captain Adventure and the dogs ate them all up before he even came home.  They are now more commonly known as

the peanut butter cookie eaters.  So, I live with Captain Adventure, the peanut butter cookie eaters and Bobby who lives in our camper.

Garden is rockin with more tomatoes than I know what to do with.

I am dehydrating yummy snacks.

dehydrated yumminess with Riley's dinosaur looking over

This weekend my friend Rene is getting married just down the street from where I live and Heather is flying all the way from Oregon to come hang for the event.    How lucky am I to get to see my Heather girl star twice this Summer.   Good stuff.

Heather one of my besties and girl star

Just organizing for my tour.  If you know of anyplace for me to set up and do my show, just let me know.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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