Solo Tour Plans

Alright my sweet readers, friends and family.  I got something up my sleeve and I want to tell you about it and I need your advice.

I want to take a road trip and do my first solo act tour.  I also want to take my momma with me cause we want to go visit my sister Jane in California.   My plan is to take all of November and stop in towns along the way.  If you know of any cool places to play or you want a fun living room party at your house let me know.  I  am all about it.    Don’t have any bookings yet, but I am starting to outline it now.   Wish me Luck…..

Here is a rough idea of how our little road trip will go.  We want to take highway 70 all the way West and then take 40 all the way back East.  If I miss your town this time go around I will get to you in the future.   Here goes:

  • Monday November 1st:   Atlanta
  • Tuesday November 2nd:   Knoxville
  • Wed November 3rd:   Nashville, Tn
  • thurs november 4th:  Travel Day
  • friday november 5th:  Somewhere in Kansas
  • Sat nov 6th  Colorodo with buddy Sean Foley
  • Sun Nov 7th Colorado with buddy Sean Foley accordion player extraordinaire
  • mon Nov 8th   Colorado
  • Tues Nov 9th   Colorado
  • wed nov 10th:  Possibly Salt Lake City
  • thurs nov 11th:   Las Vegas
  • Nov 12-17th :   Hang in Cali, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego
  • Thurs Nov 18th:  Flagstaff
  • Frid Nov 19th Albequrque or somewhere in this area
  • Sat Nov 20th  Maybe travel day or somewhere
  • Nov 21st:  Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Nov 22nd  Memphis
  • Nov 23rd   Head Home

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