Ooops I slipped by eating the King Size Snickers

I can’t believe I have been home almost a week.  I am still unpacking, organizing and reeling from my trip.  I am also trying to get back on track with my diet by juicing, sippin smoothies and doing yoga.

green goddess juicy juice

But man, do I ever slip.  At the gig there was only BBQ to eat at the show and chicken wraps.  The sweet folks backstage suggested I pulled the chicken out of the wrap.  Unfortunately I am allergic to chicken,but it was a good idea.  Luckily, we were given carrots and apples and that helped stave out the hunger before hopping on stage.  Note to self bring your food with you, always.  A personal style feed sack.

On my way home last night, from our Snake Oil gig at Bakers Creek State Park in McCormick, South Carolina I was really hungry.  Restaurants were closed and we were going down some back roads.   George pulled over at a gas station and I ran in to the convenient store with a mission.  It was bright lights and Big city in there and I was walking around like a crazed person looking for something to eat.  After a few short moments,  I selected a King Size Snickers Ice Cream Bar and headed back to the van.  The Snake Oil guys could not believe I was eating it.  I couldn’t believe it either but I ate the heck out of it and enjoyed it immensely.

The little healthy eating angel on my right shoulder was giving the junk food devil on the left shoulder the stink eye while I was in the middle chowing down on that King Size Snickers IceCream Bar.   Oh well.

Today is a new day and its been salad and smoothies.


4 thoughts on “Ooops I slipped by eating the King Size Snickers

  1. Ha Ha, you gotta live sometimes and give in to the urges of life!
    I ate a snickers bar just about every day of my thru-hike (5 months). I figures that the miles were worth them….I hardly ever touch them now. When people asked me what I ate on the trail I say, “snickers bars and peanut butter!”
    BTW, Black betty and I are looking forward to seeing you in Boone next weekend!

  2. Dear SmoothieSmoocher,
    Sure, junk food isn’t particularly good for you and, scarily, its all that’s available in many places late at night but consider the alternative. How good is it for the body to starve or, more accurately in your case, be extremely hungry with the associated drop in blood sugar, etc? How good is it for the body to be stressed over not eating or not finding the ‘right’ healthy kind of food. My sense is that the crap we ingest with the occasional junkfood snack to stave off hunger is much easier to cleanse ourselves of than the consequences and stress that rigid adherence to a specific diet causes. Eat, relax, don’t worry, be happy. Love, from the WiseOne.

  3. THanks Oh Wise One and Chuck Allen
    For your continuing support. You guys are the bomb. Snickers and Peanut butter sound good to me.
    Ha ha.
    Much Love,

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