Folks I am finally home and I feel like I have a million things to do to reorganize, unpack and work in my garden.  But hey I am working on trying not to stress out so much.  Ha ha.  Good luck right.

Shirt by Rob Jungmaven

When I was in Salt Lake City at Outdoor Retailer my friend Beth introduced me to her friend Rob.  He owns a company called Manastash, where he makes and designs Hemp clothing.  Rob Jungmaven was wearing a whale shirt that was his own creation.  I was flipping out on it.  I loved it.  Rob told me to come by his booth the next day and he would give me one.  I went the next day and gave him a Snake Oil Cd, The Love Album, which also had a whale emblem on it.  Our album was designed by Phil Cheney.    What a fun trade that Rob and I did.

Well anyway, I wore my whale shirt all the way home, which took a couple of days.  The softest coolest tee shirt ever.

Kayakers in the back, we were in Flaming Gorge, Wyoming, I think

Thanks soooo much Rob.

You can order shirts from his site


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