Good Night Salt Lake City

Goodnight Salt Lake City, thanks for being such a gracious host to us this week. Also, love the gracious send off with the double rainbow over the Wasatch Mountains. So incredibly lovely. We leave you in the morning. Much Love.

on a Utah Hike, photo by Heather Morrison

What a wonderful week in Utah.  I have had a tremendous amount of fun.  I performed last night in front of a ton of folks at a club called Elevate.  Some sweet gentlemen musicians backed me up on stage and we rocked it out.  I basically had to pull a band together on the fly.

We leave in the morning and we head East.  I cannot wait to see our little furry buddies Noli and Bubba.  Also cant wait to be in my home and check out my garden and sleep in my own bed.

This Tour/Vacation has been such a blessing.

At the Trade Show, I scored some loot.  Beth from Simple/Teva gave me a pair of awesome tennis shoes, my buddy Rob traded me a cd for a really cool whale shirt.  In addition, I scored  a brand new Kavu purse.  Another booth gave me a real good discount on polarized sunglasses that I have been longing for.  Also someone gave me a rash guard for boogie boarding and I won a contest and am getting a brand new dry top for boating.  I feel like I scored at Outdoor Retailer.  Yey.

Some of the products you may see in the future on this blog, because I told the Exhibitors that I would advertise, so stay tuned.

Good night , I  need to get some rest because we are leaving earlie in the morning.

Much Love……


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