OR Trade Show Review from a fiddle girl

I have been hooting it up here this week in Utah.  The Outdoor Retailer Trade Show is huge.  I have been lost several times trying to find the Watershed Booth where my peeps are.  I have been playing my fiddle and uke there everyday and it has been a blast.  I have been attracting some funny random people to our booth for sure.

JT at the booth doing what he does, photo by Beth Brockway

I have had so much fun with the Watershed team.  They really make an amazing product.  Justyn and I used those bags all last week when we paddled down the Colorado Rivers.  Truly they are the best waterproof bags out on the market and they are so high quality.  People love them.

Hangin with Danny Devito at Buca di Beppo, photo by Justyn Thompson

I walk around the trade show and want so much gear its ridiculous.  I think I could easily get broke if I follow my desires.  Right around 4pm every day,  people give away free beers and wine.  Right about this time is when I kick up my music to get people to come hang with us at our booth.  Its alot of fun.

jammin at the booth with funny dancers

A few more days of Salt Lake City and then we make our way home.  I will tell you one thing, I sure do miss my doggies and my garden and my friends back home.   But right now I am fully in the present having a blast.  I’m gonna hop on my bike now, that I got from a bike share program and pedal on back to the show.


Beth Brockway came to visit and she brought us funny beards


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