Colorado Fun with Captain Adventure

Captain Adventure at the helm. Mr. Justyn

I have hiked, biked, skiied, mountain climbed but never boated Colorado.  50 miles of river paddling, 4 different river runs is what we accomplished and we have had a serious amount of fun.  Miles and miles of smiles and amazing views.  Traveling with Captain Adventure has been exciting.  A trip of a lifetime for sure.

The Royal Gorge was probably my favorite run.  Its on the Arkansas River and its about 18 miles long and it goes through deep deep canyons.   Our friends Sean and Lavendar and their dog Cholla went down on all our river trips.   We boated under some narrow canyons and the Royal Gorge Bridge was 1100 feet above us.

our boat

Royal Gorge Bridge Built in 1929

Built in 1929 its one of the tallest suspension bridge in the nation.  We made it through that tough river except for Sunshine Falls, a class 5 rapid.   We got caught up on some scary rocks but we kept our cool and Captain JT got us out of that situation pretty quick.

our paddles

Our last river trip which was yesterday was at the Browns Canyon which is a section on the Arkansas River as well. That was super duper sweet with canyons and nice runs and amazing pull offs for some fun cactus hikes and high deserts.

After we pulled off the river we said our good byes to Sean, Lavendar and Cholla and headed up to Leadville.  The highest town in the United States at the elevation of 10,152 feet.   We had a lovely chinese dinner with hot green tea, fried avocado wontons (which were mostly cream cheese and just a spot of avocado), tofu green curry and drunken noodles.  Soooo delicious.

After dinner we loaded up into the truck and drove into the dark and rainy evening.  We were about to turn on to Highway 70 and a cop pulled us over for having no tail lights.  He was probably the nicest cop on the planet.  He did not give us a ticket but he strongly urged us to pull over to go camping.  He escorted us to an “unofficial” campsite, which was an abandoned raiload access road.  The nice cop said that the railroad has not been used in 12 years.  We asked if we would be safe there to camp, and he said absolutely.   So we set up the back of the truck to sleep and I was about to fall deep into slumber when I saw a truck drive right by us.  I got so nervous and course got Justyn anxious too.  But we just tried to go back to sleep and not worry about it.

Captain Adventure waking up

We woke up alive and got back on the road and ate breakfast in Mintern, Colorado.  Captain Adventure loves breakfastses.  I prefer just having cereal or granola with fruit in coconut milk, but not him he has got to have his eggs.  Goodness me.  So we ate at Route 6 Diner, known for their cornbeef hash.  Luckily, they had granola with soy milk and awesome coffee.

Sean and Lavender at The Princeton Hot Springs with us.

Glenwood Springs was our next spot.  We have been hittin up towns through Colorado for hot springs.  The first one was at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.  Amazing 104 degree pools.  So relaxing and warm.  The warm water eased my achy paddlin arms.  Glenwood Springs was not as good as Mt Princeton, but oh well.

JT, (a.k.a Justyn or Captain Adventure) and I loaded back in the truck and we were making our way to Utah. Captain Adventure thought it would be cool if we stopped at Dinosaur National Monument. I am so glad he did.

Captain Adventure by the sign

That place was rockin.  I loved it.  We picnicked and ate Veggie things and drank Pamplemousses, oh yeh and I had a Tecate beer.

Caroline by a dinosaur

So thirst quenching.  It was extremely hot at The Dinosaur National Monument so we swam in the Green River.  The swim was soooo refreshing.  The water was so cold at first but then you got really used to it.  We basically were swimming where T-Rex dinosaurs tongued the water to quench their thirst eons and eons ago.  So cool.   Dinosaur National Monument is free to drive through and to picnic.  50 cents to get an Audio Book Tour Guide and it is real economical to camp in their campgrounds by the rivers.

Dinosaur National Monument

Now we are in Utah.  We got here last night and stayed with our awesome friend Heather Dee in Park City.  Heather made us an amazing dinner last night and made a really fresh spinach salad with avocado, beets and sesame seeds.  I was in heaven.

Heather Dee opening a bottle of vino

Salt Lake City is where I will be all week.  We are in our hotel that has a full kitchen and its real cozy.  My friends Heather and Grady will be here in a few hours.   Chapter Two of my tour/vacation is about to unfold………………………………..

Stay Tuned………


One thought on “Colorado Fun with Captain Adventure

  1. Caroline… You make sure Captain Adventure lets you rest a little… He’s just on fire!!! Love reading about ya’lls trip. Sounds like a lifetime of stories. Love & miss your sunny self.

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