Endless Bummer

In lieu of this terrible disaster with the oil spill at the Gulf, I have been feeling so helpless and not knowing what to do.  Justyn and I  contacted his friends down in New Orleans to find out if we can come down there and lend a hand.   We found out that you have to get hired by BP and get trained in Hazz Mat and it takes several weeks.   This does not seem to be the answer to what I am looking for.  I want to help immediately.  The fishing families in the Gulf are financially hurting, the fish and wildlife are in danger, the environment is in peril.

In response to this oil disaster of April 20,2010, Justyn Thompson and Phil Cheney collaborated forces and designed a poster.  I think they did a fabulous job.  Incredibly inspiring to get people on the same page moving towards use of cleaner renewable energy resources.   Let’s get inspired to go Green and elect representatives that want to do the same.

The Endless Bummer by Phil Cheney and Justyn Thompson


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