Zinnia and Sunflower Love

So far, my Summer is rockin.  A whole lot of dog hangin, gardening, boating and playing music.  Its just getting started.  Yey.

first sunflower peeping its head to check out the summer vibes

My Sunflowers are coming out and so are my Zinnias and squash is getting crazy too.  I am one happy girl.

Zinnia love

We got a new flip camera, so be on the lookout for new videos coming your way.

Things I am looking forward to this Summer

1. Hangin with Jane and Josie in July

2. one month I get to travel out West with Justyn, Heather, Grady, stopping by to see Sean and Lavendar in Colorado and into Utah

3.  flip video nonsense.

Noli Dog trying to keep cool on the hard wood floors in this heat

Do you have fun things that you are looking forward to this Summer?

Love and Light,



2 thoughts on “Zinnia and Sunflower Love

  1. This morning was my last day of work for the next two months dedicated to summer tour. Starts off with HSMF in lovely Quincey, CA.
    Onwards to OCF in Eugene,
    NWSS at Horning’s Hideout near Portland, OR
    Trinity Tribal Stomp in Hayfork
    SCI Summer Camp at Horning’s
    Faerieworlds in Eugene
    Beloved up on a coastal mountain near Wallport, OR
    and wait a week for Burning Man
    before coming home to Pig Out in the Park

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