Summer Daze

I hope everyone has just the most amazing Summer ever. Here we are in 2010.  How incredible.

Random Photo to put in my blog but its Summery. Hula Girl with my painting as a back drop

I had a fantastic weekend.  Got to see one of my fave bands on Friday night at the LAB in Asheville.  Mad Tea Party rocks my face off.

Saturday we had a little mini fest in our yard.  Sugar & Spice jammed on the deck.

Sunday we went boating down the French Broad River.

Life was good this weekend.  Also it was Summer Solstice, Father’s Day and my little nephew Cash’s Bday.  Jam packed full of joyous celebration.

photo by John Ottone

photo of Sugar & Spice on our deck by John Ottone

Did you have a rockin’ weekend???



3 thoughts on “Summer Daze

  1. Me and Black Betty rocked it at Tsali with the family in tow. A great weekend, Father’s day, and Solstice!
    We’d love to attend a Sugar and Spice backyard minifest sometime! Keep us in mind.

    Love, HH&BB

  2. i love you Caroline!!!!
    …missing you like MAD~
    please, lets get together over the weeekend, and jus’ CHILLLLL!!!!
    I think that you are so extra lovely, and such a sweetheart!!! xoxo looking forward to hanging.

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