OUR Fest was awesome.

Bob 7 and Phil Cheney singing Kubla Khan

Held in Sherman, New York every year, Maury Rosenberg from Hypnotic Clambake really knows how to throw a party.  I was amazed that it was not cold this year.  Probably the first time ever.  However, it rained like nobody’s business.  The last night there we had tremendous thunderstorms and lightening.  I literally thought my tent was going to fly away with me in it.  I screamed bloody murder when lightening almost hit my tent. Too funny…. The next morning there was carnage with people’s tents and awnings all over the place.  Too crazy.

Zone One Boba Eggo Le Font Stage

I love Ami and Jason from Mad Tea Party

The music was amazing.  Baby Gramps, The Mad Tea Party, BuddaHood, Hypnotic Clambake, Karen Duffy, Sugar & Spice, Stewed Mulligan, Snake Oil and sooo much more.  WE had a friggin blast.

Ami and I closed the festival down, we did a funny late night 1:20am set.  Hard core fans were in the rain listening to us.  Love those folks.  I love OUR Fest it was the BEST.

Georgie and sweet Anna

Love my friends and family that I got to hang with all weekend.  Of course time flew by real fast and its Monday and I am already home blogging about it.  Ha ha.  Have a great week everyone.


4 thoughts on “OUR FEST

  1. We had great
    time…Thank you Caroline and everybody

    I don’t remember much of that s&s set closen out the fest…. i was zoned and it was the best way to end a wonderful weekend thanks again for the vibes… love and peace

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