Fresh Salad from The Garden

Life is soooo hectic for me right now and interesting.  I have been super duper busy busting a move around the house, working my garden, traveling and doing my music.  My girlfriend from California is coming for a visit today and we are meeting up for yoga and lunch and then hanging at my house.  Then tomorrow I head to Ellijay, Georgia to hang with friends at the 21st Annual BRTGOBP.  BLue Ridge Tribal Gathering of Beautiful People.  I went there last year.

Here is a photo of the first salad I have eaten from my garden.  Chock full of radishes, romaine and fresh herbs.   I am pretty excited about it.  It is a goal in my life one day to eat off the land.  I think that would rock.  

Everyone, have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend.  Hope you have toooo much fun.

Cheers and Love,



3 thoughts on “Fresh Salad from The Garden

  1. Well lucky you, you have food that is growing in the ground and ready to eat. We are finally having a late winter, for which most of us are quite happy that we didn’t have a real one. But still, cold rain and wind at the end of May is not what the garden wanted.

  2. So much more lettuce and goodness awaits you! I made an amazing raw foods almond butter sauce with blueberries and herbs from our garden last night. The accompanied springrolls filled with fresh greens from our awesome garden! I’m lovin’ it girl!

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