My Georgia Trip

I went down to South Georgia and I had a sweet time with my folks.  They live near a small airport and family farms.  Mom and I did a fair amount of hula hooping and hangin out.  

momma hooping in the yard

On our way to Statesboro, Georgia for shopping, mom and I saw an abandoned dog at the dumpster.  Dad told me that the dog was there for 3 days.  Mom told me that she could hear the song “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, every Friday from the pound.  They kill dogs and cats every Friday.  Well this just broke my heart in two .  I told mom that if that dog was there when we returned I was going to save its life.

A couple hours later, we passed the dumpster and lo and behold that little puppy was there and ran into my arms.

So, now I am a proud owner of a new dog.  I brought him home with me to Asheville last night and he is instant buddies with my dog Noli.

My Dad and Bubba in the yard

He is a hound dog/ yellow lab mix, I think.  He is kind of dirty as heck. He has oil spots on him from the dumpster diving.  I will find out for sure what kind of dog he is when I take him to the vet today.

Bubba that I rescued from the dumpster

His current name is Bubba.  Let’s see what happens.


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