Thursday Happy Day Off To-dos

Today is Thursday and I have the day off and I can finally catch up on my rest and do all my to dos on my list.  I am so glad that I am not bored.  There is too much to do to be bored.  I am going to catch up on all my things to do on my list and then hopefully head to the river to go boating with Justyn and friends later on this afternoon.  I think that would rock.

Caroline emceeing the fest, pic from Facebook by John Ottone, I think

Here are things on my list:

  1. hula hoop for 30 minutes
  2. drink coffee and relax in the morning
  3. send posters off to upcoming shows
  4. call backs
  5. plant tomatoes
  6. water garden
  7. make a smoothie
  8. start a load of laundry
  9. hang a line outside so I can line dry my clothes in the sun
  10. clean out car

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