Earthday Weekend

My weekend was jam packed with fun and music.  I was busy as can be but loved it.  Sometimes I feel like I spread myself thin but that is how I roll.  Today is Monday and I am going to take it easy.

Snake Oil Medicine SHow on Earth DaySaturday I woke up early and headed to the Asheville Earth Day Festival located at MLK Park.  I played with the Pond Farm Pickers, which is really Snake Oil Medicine Show, but we had to change up the name a bit because we are in a contract to play another festival in a couple of weeks.  So George, Andy, Billy and I had a 12:45 slot and just rocked it.  I had a super duper blast.  The weather couldn’t be any better and the highlight for me was singing my song “Babies on the Lawn” and actually seeing babies playing on the lawn.  So cute.   The food backstage for the artists was fantastic.  It was hosted by Rosetta’s, they served up tofu curry and vegetables and brown rice.  That was some vibrational yummy food.  Also someone brought over some pastries and I had a cute little ball of dough and ate it and thought it was delicious.  Later to find out it was a sausage ball.  Arghhh.  THis vegetarian girl almost freaked me out, but I kept my cool.  Ha ha..

Later that afternoon I met up with my buddy Ben and we played at the Montford Inn for the guests for about an hour and drank chardonnay.  That was fun then I walked over to Ben and Cate’s house and sipped on more wine and laughed and laughed with them.

Sunday morning I woke up and went out to breakfast with Justyn and then we went to buy more plants to put in our garden.  Then I met my lovely bandmate, Ami at my house and we practiced some Sugar & Spice tunes and then sat in the hot tub before I had to head into work.   I worked came home and then we had to put sheets in the garden because of a frost warning.

That was my amazing weekend in a nutshell.  HAPPY MONDAY.  Yeee Haw.


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