Happy Vernal Spring Equinox

We are entering a new beautiful season.   I hope everyone is loving it.  What are you letting go of and bringing in with this new season?????   I am letting go of freezing my butt off and allowing the sun to warm me and allow my new little plants to grow.   I am Farmer Caroline these days.  Planting seeds, preparing garden beds, yard work and organizing our rock wall.  Although, my muscles are sore as heck from doing all this outdoor work, I am having a blast.  Happy Spring everyone.

Farmer Caroline


3 thoughts on “Happy Vernal Spring Equinox

  1. Me? I am just enjoying the spring wind and rain and the warming weather we are getting. We have had the very best winter, and spring can only be equally awesome. Perhaps we will be whining and crying in the late summer from our drought, but warm winter days with sunshine sure beats 8+ feet of snow. Smiling all the way.

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