Busy Fiddle Girl does Ropes Course

Hello my loves.  I have been friggin’ busy lately that I have not been able to write on my blog .  Today, I was gone all day.  I found myself  in Charlotte, doing a ropes course with the company I work with.  We did many team building exercises using rope courses in the deep woods.  I find that I love love love being a team player. Helping each other out brings joy to my heart and hope for mankind by using ropes.  I loved that a tall skinny guy can help a 5 foot 4 girl out with ease.  Everyone had their own talents that they brought to the course.   I found myself in the position of head cheerleader and calling out chants.  Why can’t the world be a team player???  Everyone should do a ropes course, its a blast.   This would be great for World Peace I think.

Last night I played with a mini Snake Oil Medicine Show (only 3 members) at MoDaddy’s in Asheville. We had a wonderful evening of awesome music.  I did not get home til late and fell asleep around 3am and had to get up at 6:30am to catch my bus to Charlotte.  So, it was really interesting climbing on ropes with a bunch of people on a few hours of sleep.  This is a life of a rockstar mixed with someone who has a day job.  This is how I roll……. for now.

Several hours later of action packed corporate stuff,  I am finally back at home.   I have a full day off tommorow and I am going to work out at the gym and I am going to chill out.  Much Love to you all… Thanks for stopping by.   By the way, I would Cheer For You if you were on my ropes course!!!!!

Last night At MoDaddy's with the Mini Snake Oil Medicine Show


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