Snow, Kombucha and Recording

Guess what????   Its snowing again in Asheville.

My dog Noli in the snow.

I have lived here for over a decade and I have never seen so much snow.   Goodness me.   I am chugging coffee and getting ready to go out in it to go to Echo Mountain Recording Studios today.  I am recording 3 songs with Cactus (Secret Agent Skidoo) and Snake Oil today.

This home girl is busy as heck.  I did harvest Kombucha yesterday and flavored my drinks with ginger and lime.  I can’t wait to get to drink those.  I will post pics on this blog later.  I gotta go for now.

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Snow, Kombucha and Recording

  1. And we still have zero snow on the ground, in a place where the annual average is 42 inches, and we had over 8 feet the last two winters. Gotta almost love climate change.

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