I Heart Thrift Store Shopping

Wow, I went thrifting today before work and scored.  One woman’s junk is another ladie’s treasure and thats for sure.  The weather is still too cold for yard sales, so Goodwill’s, Salvation Army’s and Buck-A-Pound is a mecca for those who love to find bargains.  In these hard economic times you gotta do what you gotta do.  This is a green, environmental friendly way to shop.

These are the scores I found today.   Some vintage horse curtains to put in my bedroom to spruce it up for a bit,  some fun scarves and a tiki hut serving tray that is going to be used to serve cocktails and nibbly things in my little camper.

Horse curtains to spiff up my bedroom $3.00 US

a cute little purple dancing girl scarf 50 cents

Awesome serving tray tiki hut beach scene $5.00

All this thrift store shopping is making my hair go buck wild, maybe its the horse curtains. No, I did not get a perm, I think I just slept on it weird.


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