Just a few Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

It is still cold and very wintry around here and I have not won the lottery yet.  Ha ha.  I thought that it would be fun to buy a lottery ticket to spice things up in my life a bit.  I love to dream and wish for things.  When its cold outside I feel like my creativity bubble is a bit smaller, so I decided to make a list to help me dream things up.

Here is my list of a few of my DrEaMs, AsPiRations and GoAls (I Heart Lists)

  1. Obtain a loop machine and the know-how to do some solo shows with my uke and fiddle
  2. More Sugar & Spice shows
  3. Get in shape for swimming suit weather
  4. Own some Panama Property
  5. Figure out a way to go to a warm spot next winter of 2011
  6. Get some paintings going for the upcoming Doonanny Festival
  7. Own a printer
  8. Grand Canyon Trip one day
  9. Go to India one day
  10. Learn more Spanish
  11. write more songs

The list can go on, but this is what I have at the present moment  

Stay warm folks.   Feel free to jot down your list.  I dig Lists.


3 thoughts on “Just a few Dreams, Aspirations and Goals

  1. Well, you could rearrange your list from immediate to long term. Printers are cheap right now, even color laser printers. You know when you can paint. You need to apply for Grand Canyon now, and then you will at least have a space seven years down the road. As long as it is cold you don’t have to worry about the swim suit. India is further down the long road, as is owning property in Panama, but you can make a short list of warm tropical alternatives for next winter today.

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