February 10 Things I Love

Okay its contest time.  I will send a lucky winner a care package in the mail with some Valentine goodies.  Just comment down below on 10 things you love.  February is the month of love.  Valentines Day, I will choose the lucky winner out of a hat.

I love hanging in a hammock

Here are my 10 Things that I love: (just to name a few and not limited to)

  1. Traveling and seeing new places
  2. lazing around on a hammock with warm breezes
  3. fresh raw green smoothies
  4. playing music
  5. billowing curtains in a room
  6. reading a really good book
  7. hanging with my awesome friends and family
  8. being healthy
  9. boogie boarding in the ocean
  10. cooking curries

5 thoughts on “February 10 Things I Love

  1. 1) Waking up next to a certain lady and knowing that despite wrong choices I’ve made , choosing to spend the rest of my life with her was definitely not one of them.

    2) Discovering new music whether it comes on a 78 from the 20s or a CD or MP3 from 2010 and all points in between.

    3) The always life-affirming grandeur of the Blue Ridge Mountains

    4) Literature which leaves you feeling enriched

    5) ‘Welcome homes’ from happy little four-legged family members.

    6) Indian cuisine washed down with a cold Taj Mahal.

    7) Working on a new recording and getting the words, melodies, tones , and textures just the way I like ’em.

    8) Watching my daughter make me proud of her
    and doing so often.

    9) Floydfest

    10) Great films which stay with you long after they’re over

    • My pleasure, Caroline. Thank you for your infectious enthusiasm which always shines brightly. I enjoy stopping by and reading about your latest adventures. I really enjoyed the Sugar and Spice version of my favorite track from ‘Rumours’ too. All the best.

  2. I love:

    1-Noticing the winter days getting longer
    3-Hanging out with my husband on the weekends, doing nothing
    4-A nice warm fire in the fireplace
    5-Walking on the beach barefoot
    6-A good book and time to read it
    7-My little blog corner of the internet
    8-My crazy little dog when he burrows under the covers
    9-Laughing with friends
    10-A nice cup of Earl Gray tea

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