A Man a Plan a Canal Panama

looks like a postcard, i love it

My heart is still in Panama.  Imagine moonlit black glitter sandy beaches, lazing around in hammocks in the Bohio, swimmn in pools with kids, boogie boardin, drinking pina coladas, playing and singing, eating yummy meals al fresco with your best friends, hiking in the mountains and being warm all over by an 89 degee Panama sun.  That is where I was last week.   I just had a superb, sublime, simple, scrumpdilicious time.  I sooo wish you were there.

just a girl who loves Panama

It would be wonderful to buy land down there.  The Panamanians use the dollar system.  Our dollars go far. I think that is why many North Americans retire down there.   Its about a dollar for a beer and 2 dollars for a sandwich.

black sandy beaches in Panama

Does anybody out there want to contribute to our Panama Paradise fund?????  We can get some land and build a Bohio, a pool, some green planned homes and we can do yoga, play music and eat yummy foods and hang around in hammocks.  I am in love with Panama.

the pool and the bohio

A man a plan a canal Panama.   This is an onomatopoeia.

Holla if you are interested in starting a fun Panama retreat.  I think it would be awesome.  Dreams gotta start somewhere.  Right???


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