Flossing Goes on Every To-Do-List

It’s Wednesday and I have a million things to do before I leave the country.  I head out of Atlanta, Georgia and hop on a plane to Panama on Sunday.  So, I have 3 full days to get things done.  Today, its approaching the crack of noon, and I am still in my bathrobe and I pressed the snooze button on my alarm too many times to tell.

Things to Do before Leaving Country

  1. Floss (I put this on every to do list because I think its funny and very important
  2. Find my passport
  3. Pack lightly, I am bringing a small carry on so I don’t have to check bags in and pay extra cashola
  4. Tie loose ends and call people back.  I gotta make this happen
  5. Go see Willie Nelson with friends on Saturday night here in Asheville
  6. Record Sugar & Spice song with Ami on Saturday
  7. Work 2 more shifts at my job
  8. clean up the house a bit
  9. Get my camera situation worked out
  10. bring ukulele with me

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