Speaking of Centennial Birthdays

Speaking of Centennial Birthdays, my grandmuddy would have turned 102 years old today.  Her name was Teal Lauderbach Richards.  She was a huge inspiration to me.  I have alot of her fashion sense.  I wear her old dresses and hats and brooches.  She also played ukulele.

Grandmuddy in the sun

Her family came over from Germany.

Grandmuddy with my Dad, brothers Jed, Augie and cousin Max

Grandmuddy with cousin Anne on her wedding day

She made the best cookies ever.  M and M cookies, and sugar cookies with a chocolate kiss on the top.  Grandmuddy made the best dip ever, bluecheese crumbles mixed with cream cheese.  Our family calls it the Grandmuddy dip.  So, I drink a whiskey sour in your honor.  I love and miss you Grandmuddy.

Grandmuddy on her back porch in Ohio


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