Django Reinhardt’s 100th Birthday Celebration

I had a friggin’ blast last night at The Grey Eagle in Asheville.  About 30 Asheville musicians got together and celebrated a musical legends birthday.  Django Reinhardt was the man.  Packed out house and soooo many amazing musicians and friends. Thank you Asheville people.. I love love love my hometown.   Jon Corbin of The Firecracker Jazz Band headed up this event and he did a great job.  He was expecting about 12 people to show up and the whole town came out.  A fantastic evening filled with Hot Jazz.

Firecracker Jazz Band


3 thoughts on “Django Reinhardt’s 100th Birthday Celebration

  1. Yes, Asheville is awesome anytime of year! Snow flyin’ or rain or sun, it’s a pretty city night and day, from close up, or far away, it’s a real nice place to stay! I love the Jack O’ the Wood, and the Stella Blue, and that monument to extravagance, the Biltmore too, which had I named it, would have been the Bilt2much.

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