Happy Friday and I Feel Like Growing my Hair OUt

Its still raining here in Asheville.  More and more my heart is ready to go traveling again.  I need a spark and giant dose of creativity.  I want to write songs and make music sooo bad.  I am just visualizing that for myself so I can share that with you.  I want to be kickin it in a beautiful spot where there are turquoise seas and it feels like Saturday everyday so I can sip on some coffee and tropical drinks and write fun songs.

I am off to work.   Happy weekend everyone.    P.S.  I am feeling like letting my hair grow out again.   Okay thats it for now.  See ya.

This pic was taken in 2008 and I am ready to let my hair grow long again


2 thoughts on “Happy Friday and I Feel Like Growing my Hair OUt

  1. I want to hear you on XM radio, Kids place live all the time. I can’t express how awesome it was to be in my car and have my sisters voice singing thru the XM radio all the way out here in Cali.
    Make a kids album. Josie freaks outs in a happy toddler dance everytime I play her anything Caroline.. You would bank!
    PS. Long hair is a pain in the you know what.

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