Should I Stay or Should I Go???

Should I stay or should I go????   My very close friends, The Morrison Family moved to Panama and built a house down there and I have been wanting to visit that piece of paradise for months.   I have an opportunity to go the first week of February, but things are holding me back.   Mostly monetary, taking time off work, missing my guy, etc.   But life is too short, right?  My heart says go go go and my mind says well maybe you should stay and work and save money.

I love to travel and play music and I can always make more money when I get home.  And this could be a relatively cheap trip.  I can travel stand by on Delta and the flights look wide open.  Heather and Grady, my friends will pick me up at the airport and I could sleep in a hammock.  I can eat the native fruits and eat beans and rice.  I would be happy as a clam.

This is Trey and Courtney's Tiki Hut, photo taken by Trey Morrison

Should I stay or should I go?????  Help…..


6 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go???

  1. think of the airline pilot as the ferryman. Are you going to deny him his life’s purpose — which is to take you where you need to go?

  2. If you have to think about it, you’re trying too hard! Your friends are right. Life is too long to not cram more into it! If you can go, do so! Love is never left behind, and your fella may miss you while you’re gone, but that just makes coming home so much sweeter. Like the line in my song “Love Is…” (like your smile, it stays with you all the while), so don’t worry about it, because it shall endure the passing of time. Money is one of those things that’s worth less the more it is wanted, so that too, let go. Joy and fond memories are the only things you’ll pack up in that ‘ole kit bag when it’s time to move out of the leather bag God is renting you by the day, and it goes back to momma Earth to be recycled. Live each day to it’s very fullest, and you’ll never have any regrets about having lived. All problems, are just opportunities turned around (devil/lived), so live this, and every, day like it is the last one, because whether it is or not, you won’t be missing it for having worried over it. We who have had the honor of knowing you, shall always hold you dear to our hearts, so do what makes Caroline the happiest soul on Earth!

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