Girl Scout Rule Number One

Just dropping in on this beautiful sunny day.  I don’t have much to report.  However, I did get my deck fixed.  I almost burned my house down a couple of nights ago.  I was cleaning out the wood burning stove and put some cold ashes into a cardboard box and set it outside on the porch and thought nothing of it.  They were cold and dead ashes.  Well off I went to work and when I returned home there was a huge hole in my deck.  My first thought was that an animal had scurried a hole in it, but then I saw burned marks and quickly realized that it was the box of ashes that made the hole.   I am sooooo grateful that I did not burn the house down.

The burn hole in our deck

I am so happy that my sweet buddy Braun came and fixed it and replaced the wood on my deck.  

Lesson learned, even if you think the wood ashes are dead, they are not.   Place them in a metal can and dispose of them in a fire pit outside and spray water on them if you have to. Goodness me, I can’t believe I did not learn that in my Girl Scouts Troop.  Arghhhh.   Oh well, all is well.


4 thoughts on “Girl Scout Rule Number One

  1. You have many angels watching over you, dear Caroline. So never worry, never fret, blessings shall follow you, and go before you, all the days of your life. Anything you have need of, or someone you love have need of, just say a little prayer to Jesus in an unselfish spirit you always have, and it shall be done for you ASAP! You’ve brought much joy into this world, and it is always deeply appreciated, so no regrets. My mother used to say this little poem to me, and it is so true what she wrote long ago:

    Life is a school of education.
    Each day we make a recitation.
    Death ends the term without vacation.
    Then comes the final examination.
    Janet L. Stokes (1951)

    Never worry, Caroline, just live this day, tomorrow shall take care of itself, and love is the most precious thing anyone can ever own. And, to have it in adundance, it must be given in abundance. Thank you so very much for being my friend! You and your radiant love shall always be very much treasured. Sincerely.

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